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    Quote Originally Posted by Corzer View Post
    I've been training in Muay Thai for a good year and a half now, and one problem I've always come across is that literally everyone in my gym is either 6'4 or weighs over 120kg (270 lbs) and i simply cant reach them, or get out-muscled in a clinch, i'm 5'11 and around 63kg (138 lbs). Do i need to improve my footwork to get on the inside, or perhaps work on my setups for techniques? Hoping not to get my soul destroyed on my first post, but any answer would be much appreciated.
    Ok - so the big question here is - do you want to compete, or are you just training for fun?

    If you're planning on hopping in the ring, all of these fat fucks telling you should just bulk up are giving you the straight worst advice of your life. I cannot emphasize enough how much height is a huge advantage in Muay Thai, even more so than other striking sports. Reach with punches and kicks, being able to get your weight over the the other guy, and the logistics of your knees being closer to their face while their knees are further from your face. Muay Thai is a tall man's game.
    As such, you want to be the lightest frame you can be, so as to be the tallest guy in your weight division. Fighting at 135 or 125 (depending on how much you're able to cut) at 5'11, you will be crushing dudes who are most likely going to be 5'7 and 5'8.

    Obviously, if you're not looking to compete, then be as fat or skinny as makes you happy.

    In terms of sparring within the gym, leg kicks leg kicks leg kicks. Heavier guys tend to be heavier on their feet (for obvious reasons), and thus tend have a harder time checking leg kicks. Similarly, going the head on a guy who's substantially taller means your punching up. Height is always going to be an advantage (see my above rant), but leg kicks are going to be the strikes least effected by the height difference.
    Trying to get on the inside against a taller guy would be a great idea in a boxing match, but in Muay Thai, the presence of the clinch and knees is going to negate that strategy.
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    If you plan on fighting competitively, be it amateur or professional, I'd be very cautious with these backyard fights. Some people have twisted **** in their blood you want no part of....

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