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    Quote Originally Posted by Tramirezmma View Post
    Both of which are very generous policies
    Yes but then neither of them are run as businesses. I also don't expect to be charged if I visit another club.

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    When I was in Long Island a few years back I went into one and explained I was only going to come the one time and they just asked me for ID and told me not to worry about paying.

    I also went to NY Combat Sambo open Matt and paid a $5 Matt fee.

    Both awesome places to train which is why they don't need to rip anybody off.

    Over here we're I train bjj/mma it's 6 for walk ins but at the chain gym (David Lloyd) I go to swim and **** it's 20.

    What ops place wanted was seminar money so if I'm paying that I'm expecting somebody called Gracie or a happy ending .
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