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    Wow I had not heard of that brand before. The Battue Lite is a nice looking rifle. The website is nice too.
    Does it really come close to the hype?

    So you got the Battue not the lite?

    No wonder I hadn't heard of it ... they're Finnish.
    P.O. BOX 149
    FI-11101 RIIHIMÄKI
    Tel. (+358) 10 830 5200
    They are owned by Sako from memory the barels are sako barells but everything else is not.

    Not sure if mine is a lite, it could be as its on a plastic stock. I got a tikka varmint that ive put a macmillan stock and bedded, target crown, harris bipod and vortex viper pst II 18-32x56. Shoots great.

    Tikka are very very very popular here in australia. They are cheap and shoot great, they have a cert that says they shoot 1 moa at 100, if not take it back and it'll get swapped over. They have adjustable triggers, remove mag and put in 4mm ellen key and wind it. On the lowest its a nice feel. Comfortable for shooting, light but no hair trigger if you like that stuff.

    9.3mm is getting traction here in australia, its the go to for sambar these days. Euro rifles (saur, mauser, sako, tikka) are just as popular as american rifles. Saur released a new model thats about as expensive as a win m70 (here in oz, guns and ammo arent cheap).
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