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    Our Shito Ryu karate classes always start with a form of meditation. But it's only for a minute or less, because if you spend 15-20 minutes in meditation, it would eat up a lot of class time. Students can develop it more on their own if they wish. This form of meditation is religiously-neutral. It entails relaxing the body, taking deep, slow breaths, and learning to make all thoughts cease. When you're finished, your mind is very relaxed. The more relaxed one is, the easier it is to learn combinations, katas, etc. It also helps in tournaments. This seems evident across the board. Muay Thai does not begin with meditation, but the khru will constantly tell students to "sabai sabai" (relax relax). Whether it's martial arts or basketball, tense, uptight people don't usually do well. Relaxed and focused is the way to be.

    (BUT, this doesn't mean that meditation is essential for martial arts. There are plenty of successful MMA fighters who never did any sort of meditation. Also, I think it's total B.S. that meditation develops chi power. That only works in the movies. From my understanding, chi comes from proper breath control and core/ab conditioning.)

    Another benefit of meditation is it can help people overcome rage and excess aggression. It helps you keep a cool head at all times, considering the consequences of every action. This can prevent a martial artist from using excessive (or totally uncalled for) force in a real-life situation. Which is really helpful if you don't want to go to prison. If the MMA fighter who calls himself "War Machine" had practiced meditation 30 minutes a day, he probably wouldn't have come to the bad and disgraceful end that you've probably all heard of in the news lately.
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