Hey guys, just found post on facebook that basically says that there’s TV station in Croatia (Europe) that broadcasts UFC 209 event for free to their viewers.

I checked if everything from site is correct, and I found it to be as it’s said. They broadcasted May - Pac fight for free (wtf?)

Site explaining how to do it: http://trickmato.com/easy-ppv-save/

I know this is promotion of VPN service, but I don’t mind that as long as I could watch the event without any worries…

I believe they will broadcast event, that’s not what I ask…
(was reading about Miocic being big star in Croatia, and having long fighting tradition - Cro Cop, Pat Miletich, Stipe Miocic… even UFC was in Zagreb)

My question is is it legal… and what’s your opinion about it?