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    Right. Clinton isnt running this time. Trump has not done more than lip service for most of the red meat topics he ran on (including gun control of all things, which he has made some suggestions FOR).

    Yeah, according to you right or what you read.............

    Oh and this list is biased. He repeatedly tried, this is where he failed on the border wall, to get a Muslim ban enacted. There is a difference between a broken promise and actively being blocked from your goal. Also, he did get it passed a few times.

    So, I see much more than the lip service as you claim. I also see, he isn’t winning either.
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    Just in case you were feeling really confident about those Trump nominations...

    Trump pick for education board writes Illuminati self-help books: report
    BY JUSTINE COLEMAN - 10/16/19 01:00 PM EDT 305

    The Commission of Presidential Scholars awards high school seniors in the country annually, and its board is comprised of education experts like the 2019 National Teacher of the Year. Trump's nominee to this board, George Mentz, was announced last week, The Denver Post reported.

    Mentz, a lawyer and online professor of wealth management at the Texas A&M University School of Law, has written books called "The Illuminati Secret Laws of Money," “The Illuminati Handbook,” “50 Laws of Power of the Illuminati” and “100 Secrets and Habits of the Illuminati for Life Success.”

    “If you conceive of your desire, you can then imagine that your goal will take place with belief, and then you will be able [to] retrieve the opportunity from the world’s storehouse of riches,” he wrote in his book "Spiritual Wealth Management."

    The nominee said he uses the word "Illuminati" in his books about money and wealth partly for marketing reasons.

    “Just because I use the word Illuminati, don’t let that get you too excited,” Mentz told The Denver Post. “If you look the word up, it means ‘illumination.’ How to be more aware, conscious, a better person.”

    Mentz has donated thousands of dollars to Trump's campaign and political action committee, after supporting him for three decades, The Denver Post report said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by W. Rabbit View Post
    Still stuck in Chicago, decided to grab a book.

    Book grabbed was Call Sign Chaos, Jim Mattis' autobiography about his career and time as SECDEF.

    Talk about a candid discussion from a solid leader, about the shortcomings of a bad commander in chief.

    Sobering, raw, honest, powerful, nonpartisan. And I'm still in the Prologue.
    What timing.

    Trump is so off the reservation, he just called Mattis the "worlds most overrated general". Funny, the tens of thousands of Marines he commanded love the salty old dog.

    Hahahahaha Trump is so stupid.

    Vote the fucker out or you hate the military. It's that simple.
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