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    Oh, and anymore if you want to do well at BJJ tournaments, then you want a Judo base. Most the straight BJJ people I train with can beat me on the ground. None of them can beat me if we start standing...
    Why? Because I throw them and can slap on the arm bar, are the ground skills in the world don't help. Same with throwing to the mount or side control. Also allows you to take single and double legs and control them.
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    Do both. It helps to dominate the standing game as well as the ground game in a grappling tourney. I mean you start on your feet so you better be good at it. I am lucky enough to be under Dave Camarillo who blends judo with BJJ but at the same time i have some judo exp of my own which helps alot.
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    Do BJJ guys really suck ass that bad at taking people down?

    Cuz my implies point about the Shorin Ryu sucking was this:

    Why do you care about the throws if you like your stand up style? If you want them on the ground beat them unconcious and they will go down. The only point in even cross training BJJ if you are a stand up fighter is because IF you get taken down, then you'll know what to do down there. If you want to be a stand up fighter then your ground game should be bassically defense. Defending throws, getting back to your feet, positional controll so you can GNP since you like to hit things so much.

    If you want to add Judo to your BJJ it sounds like you just really want to be a grappler. . . which is cool. But then your getting spread so thin I wonder why you don't just drop the karate. OR if the problem is that your BJJ isn't helping you stay on your feet then SWITCH to Judo.

    hm....that's probably the best idea anyways. :)
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    I like options, Sometimes I like to bang....some times I liek to take it to the ground....dpends in what way you want the job done. Lets say I want a nic eeasy fight and this guy is as good a striker as I I pick his leg and grab side hes a turtle on his back. If this guys a bad ass at BJJ or a wrestler, then I sprawl and knee and get back to standing so I can throw some heat on him. Its good to be well rounded I think. But yeah I guess Im mainly a striker.

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