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    This Bertolo himself is kinda weird.

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Jeffrey C. Bertolo Sensei-Dojo Cho 7th Dan.

    Traditional Japanese Karate-Do

    Affiliated with A.I.K.I.A (American Independent karate Instructors Association)

    Bertolo-Sensei (pronounced Sen-Say) has lived in Mattydale, NY all of his life. He opened the city’s first multiplex school and since then has been a leader in promoting Karate-Do in Central New York.
    He currently holds the rank of Black Belt 7th Dan and has more than 40 years of training and instructions in his credit.

    He has also trained with numerous world champions including Bill “SuperFoot” Wallace, Master Hidy Ochiai, Joe “The Golden Boy” Lewis, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez and 10 time world champion John Chung.

    Bertolo-Sensei was a P.K.C. Super Middle Weight kick-boxer and has promoted Pro Kickboxing events in Central New York, along with World Class Seminars.

    Jeffrey Bertolo operates a successful program for all ages and types of people including teaching children in local school programs.

    The BKIDO-KAN program has benefited many people in the areas of self-confidence, self-defense and fitness by excellence and personalized instruction.
    Which is really kinda funny when you dig into it. First of all Super Middle Weight doesn't exist.

    Second of all ... it seems to be some sort of fantasy football point scoring system for schools to virtually compete against each other by gaining points through in-house sparring and kata and floppy foam point sparring weapons demos ... I really don't know what the hell the PKC is ... it looks dodgy as hell.

    Third, they're a lot of words there that mean very little to nothing. All I really got out of it is: Jeffrey C. Bertolo Sensei-Dojo Cho 7th Dan, Traditional Japanese Karate-Do, 40 years of Martial Arts, seems to be dishonest or lacking attention to detail causing him to seem dishonest, likes seminars, thinks a seminar really means something, likes to drop names, and seems to teach BKIDO-KAN.

    also I pretty sure the instructors page has changed recently.
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    It appears that Salt City Karate has done some serious McDojo Damage Control in response to this thread. All references to Dane Johnson have been removed from the site. All of the awful "judo" demonstrations have been sanitized from the Youtube channel. All of the pictures of "red-belts" poorly performing judo techniques have been removed.

    Hopefully that will prevent would be students from falling victim to this fraud. Nice.

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    He has also trained with numerous world champions including Bill “SuperFoot” Wallace, Master Hidy Ochiai, Joe “The Golden Boy” Lewis, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez and 10 time world champion John Chung.
    Interesting they put "Master" Hidy Ochiai. That is a name I recognize in the Binghamton area. If I recall correctly, Ochiai was a Shotokan black belt that moved to upstate NY, did one of the classic "I trained with monks" stories, self promoted and now teaching bullshit self-defense and point karate. The main reason I remember them, is the huge ego his students have, how they must take on and kill all challengers. It's kinda cute.

    Here is the bullshido thread on this "World Champion":

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    Dane Johnson is back on the site.

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