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    There seems to be a real gulf between understanding the way that people look when they're truly fit and the way people think they're supposed to look when they're truly fit.

    You can't have it both ways, motherfuckers.

    With the exception of the tiny percentage of you who hit the genetic Pick 6, you're going to have to make a choice between performance and aesthetics. Look at the top MMA fighters: Even among this super-normal selection of physical attributes, there's a fairly small percentage of them ("them" being the good ones) who have that gym body. That's because those guys train for performance, not looks.

    I want all of you--and I mean each and every one of you--to get all the love that you want in life. Isn't that sweet? And I want all of you--and I'm still talking about each and every motherfucking one of you--to meet the kind of person that doesn't give an icy **** about whether or not you have an extra layer of padding on your stomach or if the cut of your biceps is evident. It has nothing to do with anything of any real value.

    Are you feeling my love yet? It's right here. Come and get it, you bastards.
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    Dead On. I want some love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TaeBo_Master
    Yes. But it's horribly inefficient. Your calorie balance will determine whether you're gaining or losing WEIGHT. If you ate your exact maintenance calories, and did a good amount of weight lifting and cardio, your weight would stay the same, but you WOULD affect a body composition change.

    However, like I said, this is inefficient. It is more efficient to have a positive calorie balance while trying to gain muscle and a negative calorie balance while trying to lose fat. Tackling one problem at a time will get either one done much easier and faster, which is why it's typically done in phases.
    OK, but which should one do first? Add muscle or burn fat?

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    Depends on the goal, and which is most important to you.
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    Yes I'd say you're swimming too much. I'm not sure it's necessarily causing catabolism.... since swimming provides moderate resistance
    5 hours per day? Are you fucking kidding me?

    Take that title off yourself and eat it. Your brain needs some energy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nasty_totoro
    i have a problem getting that last bit of flab off my abs, sides and back ...

    it's not a lot ... and I have lost 30+ pounds since doing kickboxing ... but i just cant seem to lose it ...

    i can do tons of crunches, leg lifts, etc ... but it doesn't seem to work ...

    any advice ???

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