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    Quote Originally Posted by Raycetpfl View Post
    good ****.
    Thank you.

    It's ancient history, best left in it's box.

    It's all about you guys now.

    Have fun and enjoy the ride.

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    I love the history of the BJJ pioneers. Good or bad, we wouldn't be where we are now without them.
    Train hard, fight easy.

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    Thank you for this thread. I've really enjoyed it.

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    Thank you for sharing. I feel fortunate I get to jabber jaw with people with interesting histories and knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFMurphyPhD View Post
    For a while, it looked like the UFC was going to fold,
    And that the US state legislators were going to make our local NHB fights illegal.
    But we knew that a flight to the Bahamas or Japan fixed that.
    There was a large period of time where it would of sounded a bit naive to suggest that MMA would become a billion dollar business or a mainstream form of entertainment in the US.
    MMA was far from an accepted mainstream form of entertainment in Brazil when I went there, and at that time more Brazilians were focused on Judo, which was and is an Olympic sport.

    Also, nobody foresaw an Abu Dhabi Sheik offering a huge cash prize tournament that created a no gi with "no striking" BJJ craze.

    The young children tournaments with submissions was a bit of a surprise too.
    Many academies when I was coming up started the kids on Judo and or BJJ without chokes or armlocks before they were teenagers.

    I also did not expect the "second wave" in the very early 2000's were a surprising number of the Brazilians who came over on planes to open academies seemed a bit less experienced than the previous Brazilian black belts that I had seen teaching or rolled with in Brazil, at seminars, or in our own academy.
    But the business environment in Brazil was very tough at the time,
    And Brazilians who knew some Jiu-Jitsu could often find local people who wanted to help spread BJJ.

    In more recent years, I also did not expect that the Torrance academy would be the ones to mainstream an online academy approach, or that an online bjj academy would have 110,000 members.

    But I know that there are surprises for all of us regarding the next 5, 10, 20, 25 years, so I am excited to see them come, and I no longer view mutations with the great irritation that I was did because I know they are inevitable.

    If I had to predict, I think the top 5 gamechangers will be:

    1) As Russia really opens up to BJJ and international MMA, there will be a second wave of Russian Sambo and Wrestlers who have a big impact on the international grappling sports.

    2) At some point China may also open, and people will be schocked to discover that for several decades China has had their own version of skillful Chinese style Sambo like players, some of them quite tough, that are not currently encouraged to compete in Western venues.

    3) Having your full regular curriculum online/mobile on video for your members will be seen as kind of a minimum table stakes ante best practice.

    4) Medical technology and advances will change how we coach, prepare, and monitor athletic performance, fitness activity, and health.

    This will have an impact on how athletes eat, train, measure their activities in real time, and how we coach them as the intra-body data revolution and affordable consumer health and sport tracking devices occurs like the B2B and B2C business data revolution occurred around 1999 and the early 2000's.

    5) A non-profit mainstream governing body will emerge that is more democratic in nature or that role will be assumed by the existing Wrestling non-profit governing bodies who will treat submission grappling as just another one of several major wrestling rulesets.
    I believe in your predictions. I do think that the Russians and Chinese will begin to offer a lot in regards to grappling and MMA. Sambists are really tough well rounded grapplers. The Chinese Sanda players will also start refining their methods for being better prepared in MMA.

    Science and technology will end up helping athletes more and more. Myself as a personal trainer for gyms am now more focused on how to develop a routine for fighters. Videoing your progress online/computers will develop one's skill set as well.

    Grappling in general I feel will become even more popular. I was a physical education/health teacher aspiring into politics. One thing if I was elected to a high office would be the push to have a judo/jiujitsu curriculum in elementary, middle, and high schools across the United States like the Japanese do. I would also encourage more schools to adopt free style and greco roman wrestling as well. Our physical education programs within our school systems are a joke and need a complete overhaul. Our kids are getting fatter every generation. Some kids are just not into team sports, and I feel that judo/jiujitsu would be better for some kids. Judo/Jiujitsu is also much safer than football in regard to head injuries. Boxing also needs to be introduced to middle and high school kids as well, instead of them shooting each other over arguments.

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