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    Prince Naseem

    Has anyone seen tapes of Prince Naseem Hamed, a British boxer.?
    what do u guys think of him and his skills?

    Even though he has a crappy attitude, he was undefeated until a few years ago (by a highly technical Mexican boxer).

    Hamed's use of body mechanics and unorthodox fighting is simply amazing. His numerous knockouts by body blows is damn impressive.

    I'm still curious how they aloud him to box that way, although I've seen him be repremanded for using back fists.

    Also in one fight he nearly got disqualified for doing some kind of wrestling throw

    In an interview he also mentioned that he does a 5 inch punch -is this a common boxing technique?

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    He's a very good showman. He seems to have dropped off the media radar in the last few years though. I don't know anywhere near enough about boxing to comment on teh other stuff.
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    He's just a flashy boxer.
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    I never really liked him. I have a few of his fights on tape. An anorthodox showmen with very good power in both hands (not really bodyshots, where did you get that from Daninja?).

    He pwned at national level and then started importing no-hopers from the American continent, beat a couple of over-the-hill ex champs in the US and then run across Marco Antonio Barrera.

    My boxing trainer liked him alot. He DID have some good talent but some serious mental issues. I'm not sure what he's up to know.

    With these fighters we can really never know. Europe isn't a boxing paradise and national (and European) level doesn't tell much. Plus when you're a character you start selling tickets and your stable makes sure you keep winning ( the south Americans he fought in England where a bunch of tomato cans). Boxing insiders where waiting for the Barrera fight to see if he was indeed legit.

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    Naz is a circus act with freakish power,
    this guy has a certain intuituive grasp of
    proper mechanics resulting in explosive power.

    Here in lies his downfall...

    From a technical stanpoint he is a miserable boxer with no defensive ability. With his low slung hands and cocky demeanor, he managed to lure other boxers in and hit them with a grenade or two.

    After a couple memorable bouts with Kevin Kelley the "flushing flash" (past his prime) Naz fought Marco Antonio Barrera.

    Barrera basically tortured Hamed for 12 rounds. Barrera gave him a boxing lesson and then some. I don't think Hamed ever got over that clinic, this was not an ego thing. It's simply that Naz is not a young man and he only knows how to fight his way. While it is effective against many and his power is elite, he does not have the skill to be considered a real A-list feather.

    Barrera also wrote the book on Hamed in their match. He showed the blueprint of exactly how to defeat Naz, and in Naz's last couple bouts? He's seeing a lot more boxing and a lot less slugging.

    Naz at his age, really can't be turned into an orthodox boxer and he realizes this. Smart guy. Had a great trainer gotten a hold of him when he was young? He'd be 10x the terror he was.

    I still think it would be a blast to match him with Pac-Man, who recently obliterated Barrera and IMO? )A draw) Beat Marquez for top feather honors.

    What would make that fight interesting?
    Pac-Man is still a little raw and loves to mix it up and Hamed is always one-punch away from ending any fight. Hamed could lure Pac Man into a very interesting brawl. I don't think it would last 5 rounds.

    As far as Hamed the showman? He is a devout muslim, and a very soft spoken and good man. It's all about the "Show" when he comes to fight. He's one of the only boxers out there who has made himself a consummate entertainer, showman and businessman. When you meet him or read interviews without a fight looming, he is a very grounded and humble individual.

    If there is a Yemeni boxing hall of fame? It should be named after Naz.


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