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    Good evening, everyone! Some questions

    Hi everyone,

    Just a warning, bit of a long intro (a tendency of mine to ramble):
    I'm Jason.
    Practiced Hapkido as a kid, Took up Taijiquan in college, along with Karate.
    Currently doing Karate, may take up Taijiquan again or branch out to other CMA later.

    -Favorite parts of martial arts has always been the sparring and the history/nationality/authenticity etc. behind the arts. Unfortunately, this has sometimes conflicted (i.e. looking for a Kung Fu school with sparring/teacher with lineage).

    -Big motivation for the above: After quitting Hapkido I figured "Hey, I'm Chinese. Why not pick up a Chinese martial art some day?" I ended up picking Karate over Wing Chun not necessarily because I found it more effective, but due to the higher intensity. Okinawa has elements of both China and Japan in it; I figured no harm in that.

    Anyway down to business:

    1) I've lurked here before (naturally, the CMA forum the most) and noticed a lot of people with the "noob" tag still post on other subforums and generally don't get much credibility. I know that some folks don't follow the rules anyway, but there isn't necessarily a "requirement" or "recommendation" for staying in Newbietown, is there? (i.e. assuming I follow rules, there would be no harm in posting in the subforums right now)

    2) Are there any expectations for me as a member?

    3) Any personal Bullshido experience advice for anyone? ("Unwritten rules", such as don't piss off Omega, signs of a subtle troll, etc.)

    4) Fun question: I have some idea of Bullshido's viewpoints of CMA having lurked here, but does anyone know if Bullshido's overall stance on the subject has evolved any since the JFS era? Like I know Wing Chun still gets crap, but other than that.

    Thanks for reading and hello! Nice to meet everyone.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Most of the answers to your questions are in the FAQ


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