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Thread: U.S. NO GAS DAY

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    Originally posted by Chris.B
    Somedays are hotter then others...but take the worlds hottest day so far...put them under the same condictions...about 200 years ago. That's when you'll see more of a diffrence. The world isn't going to heat up 20 degrees more each day. It's a long term process.
    Those preaching about global warming never said "the earth is getting hotter .. and then a bit cooler, and then hotter" .. they said "Hotter and hotter" .. and that's not true.

    NO ONE was recording global temperature 200 years ago.

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    may 19 is actually gas filling day. go fill up those SUVs and hummers, gentlemen!

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    Nobody was...I'm just saying if we were to go back 200 years ago chances are it would be colder. Then you also need to account for the sun getting hotter too. As the sun will get hotter...I guess it could be that...but polution does heat the planet up. Nasa is trying to put some polution on Mars to warm up the planet. They then want to put a plant (when it's warm enough)...actually many plants, that should start to make air. The point is they want to put pollution on Mars to try and warm it up.

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    Originally posted by Mr_Mantis
    If we were real bastards, we would just steal the crude from Iraq. A million barrels for each head chopped off.

    Yes. Then when we need another million barrels we chop off another head of one of the prisoners of war we have in custody.

    You chop off the head of an american citizen we kill one hundred thousand of your people and maim a million.

    We need to become total psychopathic dickheads. The world hates us anyhow. Let's give them a good reason.

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