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    A low line roundouse or front kick, done faster than a Muay Thai kick, is the original Okinawan karate whip kick.

    How far can a practitioner of KM progress? I mean won't a basic understanding of mid-level technique, bitten from this or that source, with no real refinement or relaxed execution, just lead to the consumate journeyman? Isn't this attempting to push mediocrity all the way to the bank? $$$$$$$$$$$$!

    C'mon now. Be honest. Isn't the best you can hope for just an understanding of combat based on padded hands and cardio-kickboxing? Key-locks from the mount, boxing gloves and mounted armbars for self preservation? Your founder never had to fight 3 drunk bastidges at the club on Saturday night. He knew SOME boxing, Shotokan and wrestling and from this made a SD art that makes erroneous claims concerning its use as the IDFs combat system. Is it really?

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    Shorinji Ki,

    You know nothing of what you speak! Imi fought in the haganah before ther was an Israeli state. This is quite a bit rougher than your "3 drunk bastards at the club on Saturday night. KM has parts of Jiu-jitzu(sp) kick boxing, boxing, Karate, and good ole street fighting. It is not intended to replace or recreate a TMA. The focus is totaly different.

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    Krav is meant to take inexperienced people to the level of proficiency where they can realistically defend themselves in a short amount of time. At the lower levels this means basic footwork, combatives including boxing, elbows, lots of knees, and several kicks. At the mid level krav starts teaching defensive ground work and basic weapons defense. At the high levels it teach advanced weapons defences, and alsou routinely hosts combat shooting seminars. Conditioning is highly emphasized as well as contact. We routinely have broken noses, broken fingers, black eyes, cuts, sprains, and concussions in classes. A lot of schools offer fight classes 1 to 2 times a week which is an entire class of sparring. While it emphasizes physical fitness, it sure a **** isn't cardio kick boxing. All of the techniques we practice in Austin are done with resisting opponents. As far as the padded hands, i don't think wearing basic boxing wraps is going overboard in protection. You can't train if you break your hand every time you go to class. The only time we ever wear boxing gloves is to build up the shoulders and usually they are only done during the 15 minute cardio warmup.

    As far as Imi goes, he was a little jew in the 40's and you don't think he had to handle **** more serious than a couple of drunks in a bar? He was a founding member of the hagganah so why don't you learn something before you open your mouths and show the man some respect.

    Lastly, our local instructor went to the renegades tournament in Houston and beat the ever living piss out of his opponent. I went from 2 years of krav to a muay thai/jiu jitsu school because I wanted to train more grappling, and I hang very well with the experienced thai boxers, and I had enough of a grappling base from krav to not get tapped by most of the guys there.

    I will say however, that the krav maga marketing is the stupidest **** in existence, and I'd love to demonstrate the techniques I've learned on the people who makes the ridiculous ads and claim it's too deadly and it's all eye gouges and kill ****. Worthless diatribe that takes away from what the system is actually about.

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    Re: The History of Krav Maga

    Originally posted by BioHaZarD
    The history of Krav Maga is as exciting as the system it self. The founder of Krav Maga was Imi Sde-Or. The history is closely linked to the development of the state of Israel and the need for the Israeli military to protect is country in one of the worlds most hostile areas.

    To the present day the style has grown greatly.
    Interesting, however, I've read a much different history ->

    Black Belt magazine excerpts-

    November 2002

    Birth of krav maga

    To prepare soldiers for combat and to instill a warrior spirit, in the 1980s the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) created a boot-camp-style hand-to-hand program called krav maga (krav means "combat" or "fight," and maga means "touch" or "contact"). Krav maga is a well-rounded hybrid system which encourages students to be aggressive and decisive in conflict. It includes hard-hitting hand and elbow strikes, thai-style knee strikes, low kicks, grappling, knife defense, gun and rifle takeaways, and lots of physical conditioning. The original concept of krav maga was to absorb any martial art that was useful by taking its most effective techniques and teaching them quickly and efficiently.

    Krav maga offshoots

    In late 1980s krav maga was also being taught to the Israeli public. Since everyone in that society serves in the military, most of the population had been exposed to it anyway. In fact, the name of the art became so common that it was used as loosely in Israel as the word karate is used in America. Variations sprang up everywhere. By the 1990s, everybody was claiming to be a krav maga master or a 10th degree black belt.

    Some of the original instructors of krav maga got so fed up with people claiming that their krav maga was the "true-version taught to elite units" that they dropped the term krav maga from their vocabulary altogether. With so many people laying claims to the krav maga system, many veteran instructors felt a need to regulate what was, and was not, pure krav maga. Several organizations stepped up to the plate: the krav maga association, krav maga federation, krav maga union, Israeli krav maga, international krav maga federation, krav maga and so on.

    A few years ago, the Wingate Institute, a respected Israeli sports organization, claimed to have the exclusive rights to krav maga for licensing and curriculum purposes. Although it was recently defeated in court, the organization is appealing to the Israeli Supreme Court. Many in the military community are outraged at the Institutes attempt to gain control of the name.

    Since the commercialization of krav maga in Israel, there has been a movement away from using these terms altogether.

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    "The history of Krav Maga is as exciting as the system it self."

    Owww wow, it's just like being 13 on Christmas Eve again waiting for Santa.
    "You realise the transformations give a man enough strength to destroy a truck with his bare hands!?

    "Sport ? That kind of thing's not my bag baby!" - Sammy Franco

    "This system was developed with the help of notible BJJ fighter Ribbon Muchado." - "Sifu" Anthony Iglesias

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