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    What did you do today?

    Ultimate time waster thread.

    What did you do today?

    Today I had Indian food at the local cheap but good buffet. Om nom chicken.

    Went to physical therapy. Painful back manipulation. Massage therapist got too distracted chatting and got in trouble with his boss. Damn it, he is the best one. Probably won't be allowed to work on me for a while, hah.

    Watered my badass karate planter flowers.

    Went to the dojo. Kept my socks on before class because I have an autoimmune disease (genetic) and one of the complications is that my fucking toe skin can go nerotic and slough off in the cold. I had to suddenly get on the mat during the kid's class to be a corner judge during kumite, so I put them on the half-all by the front door.
    During adult class, we worked on grabs and takedowns, then kumite.
    Got punched in gut randomly by my Shihan twice, stepped on by him once.
    After class I threw my shoes on in the locker room, meaning to grab those socks on the way out.
    Forgot the damned socks. Was told I would pay dearly both for forgetting them and to get them back. That = many knuckle push-ups.

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    What did you do today?

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    Gonna do yesterday since its only 9am here now.

    1. Woke up, got dressed, grabbed my ****, went to work.
    2. On the way to work one of my glasses lenses fell out, so I had to walk the rest of the way blind, was late cos I missed the train.
    3. Worked
    4. Went to Longsword class, missed another train so arrived after warmup.
    5. Did some Fiore Longsword and one German technique - high hands are weird!
    6. Went home, ate dinner, bathed, passed out.

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    came to this forum to start discussion about my new training method but i must post 5 times before i can post the video link.


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    I'm going to do yesterday as well.

    Got up, ran to station (5 miles)
    Train to work
    Spent morning in meetings
    Went to gym with mates at lunchtime - did cardio session (press-ups crunchies etc) followed by some bag work
    Ate sushi for lunch
    Wrote reports in the afternoon
    Picked up bike (I alternate cycling and running) and cycled home
    Cooked dinner, roast lamb and creamed spinach
    Went to bed

    Pretty much repeated the same today except I'm lifting weights at lunch time and will probably cook Thai green curry for dinner.

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    Meh, I'll do yesterday too.

    Woke up at 0200 for no good reason. Ate breakfast around 0400 and went to Walmart to kill time before work. Got to work early and immediately had to save the day, lasting all the way thru lunch.

    After work I lifted and ran some errands before I too ate some delicious Spicy Yellowtail rolls for dinner. Chilled with the homie afterwards, then went home to sleep.

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    Woke up
    Went to class
    Got some kebab for lunch
    More class
    Picked up a shitton of redbull on the way home
    Decided to take one more day off of training to make sure my knee is fully healed. My left shoulder is already a mess, I don't need to **** up a knee too.

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    Got up at 0550, woke up kids, made breakfast, got them to the bus stop by 0700.

    At work now, doing paperwork and planning schedule for rest of month.

    Wondering what's for lunch already...
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    Got up 7:50 took the kiddo to school.
    Went back to bed till noonish.
    Went for a walk w/ the misses.
    Picked the kiddo up from school.
    Hung out and played video games with Kiddo.
    Till about dinner time then we all went to the use to be Sizzler and had the Salad Bar.
    Hung out with the kiddo and the misses till the Kiddo goes to bed.
    Then stay up till 4:00 am playing War in the North with the misses.
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    Day off today.
    0630 Got up made breakfast of coffee, oatmeal with peanut butter, flax and chia, and some fresh local fruit.
    0700 Woke up and ate with the gf, chat time etc.
    0830 Feed chickens, do small garden stuff.
    0900 Gf heads out to yoga etc., i start a bit of laundry
    1000 Answer work calls, emails etc.
    1100 (now) Reading bullshit online and making second breakfast of fresh eggs, a bit of bacon, some brown rice and some veggies.

    To do.
    Surf is big today:
    400 AM HST WED FEB 11 2015

    400 AM HST WED FEB 11 2015


    Surf along north facing shores will be 20 to 30 feet today, decreasing to 20 to 24 feet tonight, and 18 to 22 feet Thursday.

    Surf along west facing shores will be 15 to 20 feet today, decreasing to 12 to 18 feet tonight, and 10 to 15 feet Thursday.
    I'll pass today even though conditions are potentially epic, nursing a shoulder and elbow injury so no MAs either.

    It's beautiful out(duh) so i'll do an ocean swim and a quick bike ride instead, ~ 2 and 15 miles respectively, around noonish.

    Admire the diverse scenery/humanity at the beach for a bit.

    Late lunch, not sure where or what yet.
    Maybe here, great food and service, reasonable prices, plus it's been a while: http://www.uahiislandgrill.com/
    (Seared ahi, yum.)

    Rebuild/modify chicken coop. We had some stiff winds recently that damaged the existing one.

    Go grocery shopping at farmers' market and Whole Paycheck.

    Maybe a quick trail run/hike, time permitting.

    Clean myself up and make dinner.
    Tonight is Thai chicken soup.

    After dinner, maybe a quick walk on the beach with gf, then ice cream and wind down for the evening.

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    BJJ, wrestling
    Woke up at 5:00 a.m.
    Got to the gym/dojo at six, prepped the mats and the dojo for class
    Warm-up, taught grips and grip breaks, then sparring.
    Left the gym at 7:30, went home, showered for work.
    Out the door at 8:00 and on to my first meeting at 8:30
    Finished meeting at 9:30 followed by 40 min drive to big job.
    Spent most of the day there talking/directing my subs, making calls and writing e-mails.
    Left at 3:30 and dropped by another job to check on progress.
    Picked up my kid at 4:30, went home and helped with his homework.
    Currently, I'm typing this instead of doing paperwork.
    Work on paperwork
    Cook dinner/clean kitchen
    Send kid upstairs to shower at 7:30 after dinner
    More paperwork
    Listen to kid read aloud from 8 to 8:30
    Put him to bed and continue paperwork until 9:30
    Enjoy my one hour of free time until 10:30
    Crash hard


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