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I don't know, maybe, I am sure it comes from some sort of insecurity.

Speaking of insecurities, to bring this thread back around, This Derek fellow if anything has at the very least made a decent living, he does have a nice house.
I mean he certainly has enough legitimate accomplishments that I have to wonder what need drives him to try and inflate all of his other accomplishments?
Maybe it is a result of not accomplishing much in the military so for the 1st 1/2 of his life he felt underachieving. It does look like the 2nd 1/2 of his life though has met with a reasonable amount of success.
I have wondered the same, and he isn't alone in this.

As was pointed out previously, the Seabees are no joke. I don't know why someone who has legitimately been there and done that can't simply be proud of that on its own merit.as you have hinted at though, two years as a Seabee in the reserves in 81-82 was probably a fairly uneventful enlistment.

From everything he has in cyberspace, I was able to see he probably has a legit black belt in hapkido.

I have no idea what his it resume is, but noone is calling me up asking me to give my expert opinion in front of a television camera.

Yeah.... I don't know...