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Oops, I meant to say new Chinese firearms. Plenty of old stuff still around.

The U.S. keeps finding reasons to continue the ban on the importation of Norinco products. Norinco is not exactly possessed of high ethical standards (wikipedia spoiler alert: They allegedly tried to sell automatic weapons, rocket launchers, and other destructive devices to street gangs in LA in the 1990s and allegedly sold missile parts to Iran in the early 2000s) when it comes to who they do business with, but their standards don't differ greatly from the Chinese government's. Somehow, we are doing business with the Chinese government, but have banned the importation of Norinco products for the past 21 years. Given the morality of most arms dealing corporate multi-nationals, I would be amazed if it were very hard to dig up similar info on Kalashnikov. Given that, and the fact that Kalashnikov only does a few million dollars a year worth of business in the U.S. anyway, I would be amazed to see the sanctions against them go away anytime soon, if ever. I could easily be wrong, I suppose. It's not going to affect my spending habits much either way.

I guess what I'm taking the really long way to say is that amusing as the gnashing and wailing of teeth these sanctions are eliciting from dumb people, I do have concerns about this type of thing becoming SOP for gun control advocates (wait until the U.S. has a legit grievance with a country, sanction largest semi-/non-scrupulous firearms/ammo manufacturer). While the loss of most Russian Firearms and potentially ammunition won't really do anything more than drive prices up in the short term, it is still a dick move.

Good thing I already have a nice big stockpile of guns and ammunition. In fact, the MD State Gubment recently reversed part of the implementation of the OCT 1 AW ban and announced that sales of stripped AR lowers could resume, so I have some . . . things . . . to go buy. For America.
Mmm....good points.