Hey there people, long time no see.

I have a friend who mentioned some cheap vouchers for a Krav Maga school in London and I looked it over for him....

I have to say, the chief instructor makes some interesting claims...
he is also listed as a 'martial arts illustrated hall of fame member'

"Learn techniques from Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame member, Stewart McGill."

the website is

from the instructor page (just in case it changes)

"Stewart McGill, Senior Instructor with the British Combat Association and Urban Krav Maga. Previously a 3rd Dan in Goju Ryu karate and civilian/Law Enforcement instructor with 2 separate Krav Maga organisations.As well as having been an Instructor with the International Krav Maga Federation and Commando Krav Maga, I've trained with the Israel Krav Maga Association in Israel and continue to have a good relationship with their David Kahn. This has given me a virtually unique experience across the various styles of Krav Maga.
I continue to train in boxing and MMA.

”I was earmarked by my Goju Ryu instructor to take over the running of the club; he had been trained by Yamaguchi Hanshi who was trained by the famous Miyagi, founder of the style and one of the most revered figures in the history of the Okinawan/Japanese martial arts. Consequently, I'm proud of my lineage in this style; however, having trained for many years in this and other combat systems, I'd found nothing in which I truly believed until I began Krav Maga.

That's why I teach. People need no-frills, effective self–defence techniques that can be learned quickly and instinctively, are clearly applicable to real situations and that don't require levels of strength, fitness and flexibility to which only professional sports people can aspire.

I recently did a one-day seminar for a group of Street Crime Wardens in Camden Town, see this quote from the ex-paratrooper that manages them:
"Stewart created a training programme specifically for my team, covering a multitude of techniques and scenarios from empty hand attacks through to short barrelled weapon and knife defences. The techniques were easily retained by the team, the majority of whom had never studied anything like Krav Maga, and it is testimony to both the system and Stewart's excellent instructional technique that all the team were able to retain and employ what was taught."

Although I take the business of self-defence very seriously, I think it's vitally important that classes are enjoyable and that students look forward to going to them rather than see them as a chore. This way they keep on coming back to learn stuff. I've been to too many grindingly dour, humourless classes in the past and don't want to put my people through the same.
Urban Krav Maga is comprehensive, regularly battle-tested and - it works. I hope you enjoy the rest of the website; please give me a call on 0791 261 6361, email or just turn up at one of my classes if you're interested in training."

It might well all be true... but there are some of the usual signs of fabrication here...
Just wondering if anyone knows Mr McGill and can vouch for the authenticity of this history?