The last few videos I've shared have had to do with transitions and transitional concepts. This is for good reason too! Transitions have to be one of the must misunderstood and under taught aspects of BJJ and grappling in my opinion. Honestly my instructors didn't teach me much about transitions either.

Fortunately a long time ago in my training I realized that transitions where something that I needed to study and not just study but really analyze and break down.

The past few weeks I have filmed almost 100 videos related to transitions alone. I've filmed passing transition chains, positional reaction transitions, submission transitions, and more. The thing is that I'm not even close to done either.

Today I'd like to share with you a video where I talk about some transitional concepts and examples for attacking for guillotines during a transition. This one video alone should help you and/or your teammates a lot.

The concepts in the video need to be applied to all aspects of grappling in my opinion. There is no reason to have to try to learn and figure these things all out yourself.

By getting ideas about transitions and actual examples that work, you will be many steps ahead of your opponent's that don't actually study these concepts.

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I hope this video helps you out. Please reply with any questions or comments you may have.

Jason Scully