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    How to find a respectable school in a new area?

    Hey I have searched some forum messages but can't find listings for any good bjj or mma classes in yonkers, ny. NY is full of mcdojos (I've taken a few classes at some of these unfortunately) so does anyone know a good school or how to find a good school in yonkers? Is there a list of reputable schools by location somewhere?

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    Schools move, shut down, reopen, change names, merge together, fall apart....I wouldn't wager on a comprehensive list by location of reputable BJJ schools.

    Attend a class. Participate if possible. Ask how long before you can roll, about belt fees and other fees aside from monthly dues. Ask how often they roll/spar and if they have a competition team and if so, how well they do. There are some stickies around here that give solid guidelines for finding a good school, but I'm about to take a test in my music class so......
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