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Oh, I missed the second part. I would wait until at least 15 or so for striking, just so you could make sure that they have the self control to not hit people. Maybe you could start them a bit earlier if they seem to be a bit more mature than average.
I wouldn't wait that long. I've seen a lot of kids who were capable of learning striking by 12 or so. I was 13 when I started and turned out okay.

I have family asking me to teach my 9 year old niece stuff and I have categorically refused. It mostly has to do with the child in question's inability to listen to people than her age necessarily. I've met 9 year olds I'd teach some things, but they're few and far between.

(I'm pretty much a pure striker though. I have a bit of grappling experience but I don't understand anything well enough to pretend to teach it.)