To whomever may give a damn:

I'm a previous dabbler who has been a lurker on this site for several months, and I thought I'd actually identify myself....only to find that at some point, I had already registered for the site and seem to have completely forgotten about its existence.

By a dabbler, I mean that I've tried a bit of everything, from a couple forms of kung fu, a little judo, a very little bit of MMA... never sticking with anything for long. Usually it was a result of life getting in the way (moving away, new commitments coming along, financial troubles, long term injuries, etc.), but a couple times it just kind of became clear that the place just wasn't a good fit for me. I consider it a matter of research (and more than my share of luck) that I haven't really had experiences in which I could justifiably bad mouth former schools or instructors.

I've recently been re-cleared by a doctor to enter into most martial arts again after a two year hiatus due to a problem that developed in one of my eyes. After scouring the Internet for local schools, checking any reviews I could find (including at Bullshido), looking for McDojo red flags, etc. I'm in the process of narrowing things down. Speaking of which, if anybody can give me more info on some places in the Pittsburgh area, please drop me a line. I'd be happy to listen to any advice you have.

Thanks for reading!