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    OK, I've done my work here.

    The REAL story behind this meme is way funnier than the actual (faked) meme, and the guy posing in these pictures is not only a comedic genius, but worthy of your praise from now until the end of time.

    By the way, I don't think the text in the meme was even written by the guy in the pictures.

    Nope, just some random political rant, copied onto an unrelated but nforgettable picture that actually has to do with a programmer leaving a game company and being given katanas as a going away present and writing a funny story about it...taken by the internet for mass disinformation campaigns.

    The Katanas from Hell
    Pretty katanas from Hell
    My precioussss.

    They wouldn't accept me leaving without some sort of psychological torture, so the last day they called me to give me a goodbye present, which ended up being a set of katanas (Japanese swords). Excellent present. Instead of people grouping around the present to see how it is, you could just wield the big one in your hand to have everybody put a few steps in between just in case. Hey, after all, he's leaving, so he may have no remorse… Later, six pints of Guinness in a pub and lots of nice things to say was of course part of the deal.

    After unpacking them, I picked the big one and started doing some weird movements in the air outside of the house. Katanas are really cool. Doing a few quick moves scared the **** out of my cat, who panicked and ran for cover to the garage. Happy with this result (I hate cats, and it's not my cat, but my mother's) I called it a day after some more swinging. Shortly I'll be flying elsewhere, and there are a few strange bureaucracy issues I have to deal with, but I will make a few photos of the katanas and me using them as soon as I can. Muahahahahaha!
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    If you want one of those things you can get it on ebay for around $90:

    The blade's stainless steel though, so if you plan on spending that much money on a sword, there are much better options out there.

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