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    The only team I even give two shits about is the Chicago Bulls. If there is racism in their logo, I just don't know what to say.

    IMHO, the team should sue the Patent Office as well as the plaintiffs and their attorneys. They could claim interference with commerce and lost revenue from all the potential infringement. While they're at it, they should sue the NFL for not denying their application in the first place. They should then sue all of their fans for attending games and buying their merchandise for the past 82 years. They propagated this situation and should be held accountable.

    I just had to add more stupid **** to this issue which should be a non-issue. The five people who were actually offended by this should change the fucking channel if they don't like what's on.
    I thought I spelled it wrong, but as I said I'm a mechanic not an English professor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ming Loyalist View Post
    it just doesn't work as well if you're the group that has been oppressing everyone else.
    It works if you're the oppressed group pushing back.

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