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    Looking to gain weight

    Hey guys,

    Iíve been lurking for a long time and took up MT a few months ago (thanks to this forum). Getting straight to the point Ė Iím male, 22, 5í8Ē and about 132 lbs, how do I get to a normal weight quickly? Ideally Iíd like to gain 10-15lbs or more. Iíve used the search function and read a lot of posts, as well as other stuff online, but there is a lot of mixed information.

    Do I just eat everything in sight, or is that too unhealthy? Is drinking a gallon of milk a day until I reach my goal weight unhealthy?

    Should I be lifting, and if so, what program would you recommend for a complete beginner? I have a barbell and a rather primitive bench press rack at home (which I could possibly use for squats as well?) but no one to spot me so it hasnít seen much use. I do a fair amount of bodyweight exercises so Iím not exactly weak, but I could stand to gain some muscle. I would like to ramp up my MT training to 6 days a week for 2-3 hours a day (split between morning and evening), so is there a way to include a weights workout without overtraining?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Single set to failure

    Hey man, I'm in the same boat, 5'8 and skinny. Heaviest I've ever been was 165 fairly lean, and now I'm down to 142 super lean. Just started bulking again yesterday.

    What worked for me before was basically Occam's Routine from The Four-Hour Body. It consists of eating like it's your job, and lifting weights for super high intensity but low volume. I'm talking single set to failure methodology, workouts are only 20 minutes long and about twice a week, but you feel like you're going to die. You can read Ellington Darden's website for more info on that.

    Food-wise, eat as much as you can, shoot for 1.25+ grams of protein and 20+ calories per pound of body weight. A gallon of milk a day will get you fat; I'd do a liter (quarter gallon) per day. Go high on carbs, especially after workouts, and eat until you feel sick, then take a break and eat again as soon as you can. Take one day a week off the heavy eating so your metabolism doesn't adapt.

    Also, make sure you're sleeping well. Sleep poorly, and this just doesn't work.


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