Hi, I've just started training boxing again as a hobby (haven't sparred in ages) and my current gym is teaching a very textbook stance with a number of differences from my old gym. This is a bit of a long post, but I know how much experience there is here, and I was hoping someone could help me out.

Something that stood apart for me is that my new gym makes you go into a squared, feet-parallel boxing stance where your lead foot is directly facing your opponent, and your rear foot is heel-toe distance and shoulder width apart, perfectly parallel.

Now, it's a very good gym and they did a wonderful job explaining why they do this, and I understand they like teaching boxing in a very structured and stepwise manner ( for example, they don't even let you throw rear hooks until you've had ammy fights since they worry you'll just offer your liver up on a platter),

But the problem I'm having is after 6mos and getting to a point where I'm in decent shape and my technique is solid enough for a total sparring-noob -- I still can't get over the knee pain!

My achilles tendon stopped being tight and I can basically go flat footed with my feet both facing forward, but no matter how in shape or great I'm feeling, I find that this stance always hurts my right knee and even if I'm doing pendulum the entire time and keeping my rear foot on the ball and my weight forward or neutral -- it still hurts a lot.

It bugs me even more that no one really seems to fight this way (they seem to either have an L stance, or feet parallel, but with the lead and rear slightly turned in and the feet farther apart), and so even though I want to learn this way because I trust it'll help prepare my technique for when I adopt a more realistic stance, I'm starting to worry I'll hurt myself.

I was wondering if anyone here has ever actually fought out of a nearly fully squared up stance, can offer some insight into the benefits and reasoning behind it, and also offer some insight into the toll it takes on your body and if you eventually adjusted to it -- again I'm very worried that my right/rear knee has shown little adaptation and the left side of the rear/right knee kills every freakin time.