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    New to BJJ - What would be a good first class ?

    Hi all

    Long time lurker here, finally looking to start BJJ and wanted to get some advice on what a good intro class should be like as I have no idea what to expect. Is it the norm to just try and keep up or should I expect some sort of guidance for a while ?


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    At my gym, you'd end up thrown in with a beginner-intermediate class. Somebody will probably take you aside and teach you how to bridge, shrimp, scoot, and the mount and guard. Very few students are interested in smashing n00bz, IME, and if you ask nice during free rolling (if any), I'm sure your partner would do positional drilling instead. Or you can just get owned a lot, that's also instructive.

    A big school might have a primer program, and a new school may have some many rank beginners that the classes would be geared direct towards bringing up a neophyte from zero. I wouldn't worry about it, you won't be learning anything by staying away.
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