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    Brothers and sisters,

    I have been busy since moving down here to Florida.

    Many people have been asking for me to come train at their locations as well as here in Florida.

    These are my new rates for Martial Arts training as well as Chinese Medicine Training.

    For those of you who recently been asking me what I charge for private lessons and for Workshops in Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Herbal Training.

    Florida Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts, LLC Fee Schedule

    Martial Art Training

    $100.00 an hour per person plus expenses (gas, lodging, meals) when I have to travel to your location outside of Tampa, Florida. This is for locations in the state of Florida only.

    Or if you host a weekend workshop at your location outside the state of Florida, the fees are $1000.00 for a stipulated amount of instructional hours in addition to all Meals, Lodging and Airfare expenses. This for up to 10 people. More than 10 people, I would charge $1500.00 in addition to Airfare, Lodging and Meals.

    If you come train at my home with me in Tampa or if you invite me to train with you at a locale within Tampa, Florida, I will charge you $60.00 an hour for Martial Arts Training except for Iron Palm/Iron Body/Iron Skills training.

    I offer private training in Coiling Dragon Baguazhang, Standing and Sitting methods of Qi Gong, Zhan Dau Shuai Jiao, Shuai Jiao for San Da, Chin-Na, Iron Palm*, Iron Arm*, Iron Fingers*, Iron Body*.

    Fees for training people outside of a 20 mile radius of Tampa.

    Up to 4 people would be $100.00 an hour per person in addition to Gas and Meals. 5 people and up, I will drop my rates to $80.00 an hour per person in addition to Gas and Meals. The more people you have the more you save.

    *I offer packages for Iron Palm and other Iron Skills training. I charge $250.00 per person to learn Iron Skills privately here in Tampa. You get 2 hours of private training where I instruct you in all that you need to know to succeed in the program of your choice.

    I will also show you how to make strong Dit Da Jows for training. All Training Supplies are sold separately. You can bring up to 3 others (4 people in total) for this price and split the cost.

    For larger groups, this would be considered a workshop and I would charge you $1000.00 in addition to Meals, Food and Lodging and Gas if workshop is held at your location in Florida. This for up to 10 people. 10 people or more, I would charge $1500.00. That is only $150.00 per person.

    The more people involved the more money you can save and split the cost. If your Iron Skills workshop is held at your location outside of Florida, same fees apply in addition to all Airfare, Meals, and Lodging expenses.

    Chinese Dit Da Ke Traumatology Herbal Training

    $60.00 per hour for laypeople or licensed health care providers at my location or near to Tampa, Florida.

    $100.00 per hour in addition to Gas, Food, and Lodging for anyone at their location within Florida.

    Outside of Florida would be either a day or weekend workshop and cost $800.00 in addition to Airfare, Lodging and Meal Expenses.

    CEU programs currently being reviewed by NCCAOM.
    CEU Provider Status Pending.

    Contact Dr. Dale Dugas DOM AP for more information on hosting a workshop at your school at 813-237-0350 or email to [email protected]
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