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    Quote Originally Posted by The Villain View Post
    When I trained with him, that was my initial impression, but as the day went on, I saw he really is quite brilliant. He has an aggressive style that offers no thought to defense, but omoplata into heel hook and other such combos make him a technical threat as opposed to a simple thug.
    That's awesome to hear, and certainly may be the case during training, but I'm not the only one who has observed him in his MMA bouts and noticed that his control techniques are lacking, at times.

    Belcher, for example, slid right through those attempts.

    Nevertheless, cool to hear that you have trained with him.

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    Of the single rapier fight between valiant men, having both skill, he that is the best wrestler, or if neither of them can wrestle, the strongest man most commonly kills the other, or leaves him at his mercy.
    –George Silver, Paradoxes of Defence

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    Late to this party, but figured I would post this. An episode of Luke Thomas' Technique Talk with Reilly Bodycomb as guest. Talking leg locks in MMA, Palhares, etc. I would highly suggest listening to the podcast. The transcript is only partial.

    Also, here are my first 2 episodes of SamboTech which address leg locks in MMA

    One of the best Bullshido investigations ever written:

    "disgruntled ex student who couldn't hack training with Dave and his material and opted out (could be called pussied out) of training to go to Sambo" - Mor Sao

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