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    Hunger Games for the Well Fed - Archery Tag

    Have you ever wanted to practice a completely outdated form of armed combat? Have you bought into the inexplicable overproliferation of archers in popular media? Does thumping people with little balls of paint not just satisfy your sublimated blood lust?

    Well you're in luck, because now there's Archery Tag!

    Conducted on fields similar to those used in paintball, there appear to be various outlets for this emerging combat sport, although there are some groups, like those from Indoor Extreme Sports in New York City, who are creating patents for the soft arrows and staking their claims early on.

    Honestly, we find this to be a pretty cool development in combat sports and hope it takes off. Especially since, given the current economy, we might all be forced to use bows for hunting and personal defense, at some point in the future.

    Here's a link to a recent article in the New York Times on the subject.

    Bonus video:

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    How "soft" are these arrows?? And are there pull limits on the bows??

    never mind looks kind of tame compared to what I was thinking.
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    Yeah they use their own gear to avoid those problems. Unlike paintball, you can't use your own equipment, to prevent people from showing up with a goddamn English longbow or a DeerFucker 3000.


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