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    Need help editing video (taken on my Android Phone) and need help with software.

    Need help editing video (taken on my Android Phone) and need help with software.

    Never edited video before.

    I need to be able to, take screen shots( Martial Arts so also making pdf's), its 3 massive files and was shot nonstop so I need to edit out and make a new file of what is staying in the instructional video to be passed out to instructors and also need to pull out segments to upload to you tube as an alternative.

    File format is mp4, and a finished DVD needs to play on DVD players

    Need names of cheap or free software and point me to better software I can purchase once I saved up the money next month.

    I have windows 8, one of which has an optical drive(yes i know if I start doing this a whole lot I should get a Mac book, I'm a mathematician and I need windows for software and One Note) but have never played with any built in software or looked at software that comes in the store(once home I can look) and unsure what it can do.

    Also I'm not interested in adding Music or effects.

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    I would go with Lightworks
    Start with the free edition if you like it or need more switch to pro.


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