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    Fighting in two weeks with no gym memberships

    ]So in a nutshell

    ]I'm out of town, no nearby MA gyms... I'm fighting amatuer MMA fight in two weeks.

    I'v been doing all conditioning and lifting at a WEIGHT TRAINING gym. There is a punching bag there and they are open all day

    So i'v been doing hill sprints, swimming, log distance running, weight training, eating right, and sleeping right

    ]How ever I'm getting in no sparring or padwork in almost over a month.

    My opponent is a debut with no accolades (I'm assuming it's a street scrapper)

    ]My main thing is Grappling and I haven't done Muay Thai in a while

    What would you guys do with no available sparring partners/padwork and a fight coming up in 2 weeks?

    I'm feeling strong, quick, agile, and energetic but I would love to get some pad work in spar but I'm in isolation right now so imagine Rocky when he was going to fight drago but all he did was workout : - ) lol

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