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    My Highest Percentage Berimbolo Counter - Jason Scully

    Since the Berimbolo is has now been around long enough where people are hitting it all over the world and still with a very high rate, I think it's very important to know ways to stop it.

    Not even just stop it but also counter it so you end up in an advantageous situation.

    In this video I share my highest percentage Berimbolo defense. Ever since I started doing this counter I have successfully countered and passed off of many Berimbolo attacks against me.

    It's almost to the point where I actually look forward to someone Berimboloing me. Now this is to counter the most basic and common Berimbolo that most people know. BJJ players such as the Myao bros have even more advanced Berimbolo variations as well.

    So check it out and see how many Berimbolos you can counter. It's very important to know that you DO NOT need to do everything offensively but in my opinion you should know how to stop everything defensively.

    Hope it helps,

    Jason Scully

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    Great instructional, thank you!


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