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    Thanks again plasma. We mix so much BJJ and Krav Maga we're not entirely dedicated to any, so unlike somebody who does only that I'm at half-speed (not complaining, I love).
    Today we practiced what you just showed me in the pictures, and how to control the falls so we can either keep our distance or pull us with them. We're also training with a sambo dude (not the tall one, another one) who's added some very interesting takedown moves.
    He's EXTRA careful with knees and everything and he also recommends keeping distance except if you wanna follow the momentum. There's more body contact and the grapples and locks are not as elaborated as in BJJ but they work great.
    I've read some other excellent threads (thanks for sharing your expertise too blackmonk) and I'm drawing the line with unreliable training partners.
    **** them, I'm not taking any risks with their kind ever again (fat or not)

    Quote Originally Posted by Plasma View Post
    2 years is not a beginner. You should be at least a BJJ Blue by now.


    Your English is better than my Espanol so we will have to continue in English. Sounds like you are referring to either a double leg takedown or a single leg takedown. I would work on securing your own under hooks and sprawling when you can't. Do not let them get a hold of your leg.

    When being taken down, make sure you get some sort of distance managing guard using your foot or shin to prevent their weight from coming down on you.

    For example:

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    You should overcome your fear of the clumsy fatso by grappling the **** out of the clumsy fatso, which will only happen if you grapple clumsy fatsos on a regular basis. Not grappling with clusy fatsos is avoiding the problem, not solving it.

    Plasma has given good advice. I'd add that you should try to take their backs while standing, and trip them from there.

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    I only practice Judo so I cannot add anything to aid in dealing with bigger guys for striking. However, I am 6' 1", 210ish lbs and I get stuck playing with the "big" guys all the time. Big guys for me equal 260 and up, some taller and some shorter. As far, as takedowns or throws technique is key and maybe the most important. It is hard to muscle your way through a throw against one of these guys. Speed in my opinion is right up there with technique. A lot of the big guys I play are not as fast to counter a quick attack. This doesn't mean the quick attack is always successful but if you are attacking they have to defend and cannot attack you. I have personally been trying to attempt throws where I can get under them so that their own weight helps me get them to the ground. Throws like seoi otoshi or tai otosi are good forward throws that can help you get under them. Double leg takedowns have never been successful for me against the bigger guys. Single leg takedowns are more successful but technique is key for me but if my technique is off a little it fails.

    As far as ground work is concerned I believe on the ground I can even the odds a little more. Again technique is key. I do my best to stay on top, even if I stay in their guard. Personally, against bigger stronger guys I try to work for chokes or pins where I can crush them and tangle up their arms. Joint locks aren't as successful for me. For me, if I end up on bottom I am usually stuck in defense and struggle to get out. This is where their weight kills me.

    Not sure if this will help but I feel your pain....

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    It may have come up in another part of this thread, but as a guy who competes in Ultra, and is at the lighter end of it, I have always found that framing up with my very boney elbows in their sensitive spots always seem to help. I have been that guy who is pinned under the 350+ guy in competition and had no trouble getting out, once I apply my forearm as a lever to their neck.

    As far as on the feet, I always love to kick larger guy in the legs. Not much better than chopping them down like a tree. But, I also cut some crazy angles to keep from getting backed up.

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