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    This is not technical advice, which I know you're looking for but since you seem frustrated that this is impacting the quality of your daughter's training time I'll offer it anyway. If there's anything I've learned about BJJ it's that training partners come and go all the time. Be patient. She'll be pairing up with someone else before long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JiuJitsuDad View Post

    I introduced her to an ankle pick not too long ago, but we haven't repped it anywhere near enough for effectiveness. I'll get back on it...

    Working the penetration step and guard pull fake to ankle pick are the first things that came to my mind.

    (:15-:45ish for the latter.)

    That situation also gives your daughter a great opportunity to work her defense to said girl's favorite pass, in addition to Devil's insight.

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    We were actually drilling a really great arm drag to body lock in Judo class this week that works well against stiff arms. I will try and find a video example but its basically: break the grip to wrist control, arm drag and step the direction of the drag, step in again for the body lock or double leg or whatever.

    These are the best examples of the idea that I can find. Just picture breaking a collar grip or whatever arm is stiff arming.

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    You might want to try talking to the instructor about your concerns and encouraging her to be paired with other kids rather than the same girl every time. Anyone is going to stagnate with the same partner and more so if that partner is engaging in stiff arming and resistive strategies.

    That said your daughter could try a maki-komi o-soto. I think you mentioned that before. Assuming your daughter is right handed she could catch her opponents right sleeve with her left hand, pull her towards her and drive her right hand to her opponents belt. Grab the belt and either drive forward into an o-soto or turn into a maki-komi.

    I'm not a huge fan of ten year olds doing these type of throws though since the tend to not have the control to avoid hurting their partner. If you're really stuck at a dead end with this girl (which it sounds like you are) this might help to change things up and encourage her not to stiff arm and back pedal if she's getting flattened every time she does. I'd still encourage you to talk to the instructor though.

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    THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I ended up taking a job in Florida, and she now goes to a school where if they match her up with the same kid all the time, that kid is usually much better than her, so training has gotten better.

    That said, I'm still going to go check out each and every one of your suggestions to try to figure out which ones work best for her.

    One great thing about where we live now in Brandon FL is that there's world class everything around: Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Judo.

    We sat in on one of Russ Cozart's (Brandon High Wrestling Coach) Youth Camp classes one day. It was awesome to watch! I fear the pace might be too much for my daughter though initially, not from a physical standpoint, but a mental one in terms of learning the drills at the pace in which they performed them. I plan to follow up with Cozart about that.

    She competed in Lakeland yesterday at the Copa event and won 10 yr old Beginners Gi and finished 3rd in NoGi (lost her only match 0-2, but the girl she was supposed to roll against for the bronze was so distraught at having lost her first match that her coach had to forfeit).

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