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    NEED HELP with Picking A Martial Arts

    Hello bullshido forum and it's people I have the utmost respect for you and everything so any comments or advice please make sure no swearing all I'm asking for is your best advice and recommendations so here is my story I live in houston Texas and I'm looking for good dojos that support what I want to do I rely love martial arts and I have no experience what soever so I want to start and get into it now I don't have much time so I only want to learn one thing for now for awhile tell I get more time I weigh about 220 pounds but I'm gonna lose 30 more pounds to weigh 190 then i will start with martial arts also I'm 6foot and 2inches and have a good body for working out now to be honest I have no clue where to get started but let me just say I love the sort of stuff Jackie chan does I absolutely love his styles and everything he does but as I said I would love a good dojo I can stick to for a long time with great sensies wither it be for Jackie chan styles or your recommendation of what I should due to my size and height any recommendation and info and advice would be appreciated. Thank you and I appreciate the respect and your time of wanting to help out and read my long post.

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    Since you're posting in the CMA forum, I'd suggest either Praying Mantis or Choy Lee Fut. These two seem to be the best all round Chinese styles. They have a lot of kicking, joint locks, powerful punches, and throws. Whenever I go to tournaments, of the Chinese stylists Mantis and CLF fighters tend to be the toughest and best fighters. Both are a mixture of several different styles, so you'll get the most "complete" style as far as the Chinese arts are concerned. At least IMO. Both styles also tend to include a lot of conditioning and "alive" training such as sparring (sanda) and tournament fighting, at least moreso than most other CMA martial arts.

    Outside of CMA, I'd recommend muay thai or jiujitsu. Judo would be good too, but you'd lose more weight with the first four arts (Mantis, CLF, MT, JJ) that I mentioned. And I wouldn't bother waiting to lose the weight first, losing 20 pounds could take months if you do it at a healthy rate. And this time could be better spent on learning techniques while also losing weight at the same time. And face it at 6'2 and 220 pounds, it's not like you're that out of shape.


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