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    Quote Originally Posted by Dork Angel View Post,000_Movie was okay and had quite an impressive cast. I also seem to remember hearing an unofficial one was made but GW refused to allow release.
    It was a German fanfilm that was initially approved but got blocked at the last moment for legal reasons. It was never officially released, but it magically worked it's way onto the internet, and it isn't very hard to dig up if you want to watch it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dork Angel View Post
    Like Transformers but with people inside? :P
    That's the problem, studios won't want to do a realistic pace for a BT movie, they'd want mechs to be doing flips and parkour and ****. Plus they'd be too afraid to make a story commensurate with the depth and intrigue of the BT universe. Basically they'd do what they did to Enders Game - turned an amazing story into a so so story with pretty cool cgi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dork Angel View Post,000_Movie was okay and had quite an impressive cast. I also seem to remember hearing an unofficial one was made but GW refused to allow release.
    Not the same. I'm talking about a live action feature film released to theaters. Not a CGI animation direct to video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phrost View Post
    So I ducked out on some responsibilities yesterday and went to the movies. My choices boiled down to watching a movie about a loving deity who murders almost everyone on the planet, an art film about Voldemort as a concierge, and Divergent.

    Now I'm a sucker for young adult dystopian fiction, primarily because I want to know what kind of crap is being shoveled into the heads of the people who'll be running the country while my generation is busy changing lanes without looking in our oversized cars and bankrupting Social Security to eek out a few more minutes on the planet.

    And based on my detailed assessment, ladies and gentlemen of Generation X, we're fucked.

    But, there's a bit of a silver lining; at least some of these kids will be unable to defend themselves against our canes and walkers and electric scooters. Why? Because the representation of Martial Arts, at least in Divergent, is ridiculous.

    Why do some Science Fiction writers feel the need to reinvent fighting? I could almost understand if the plot revolved around 3-legged creatures, or a sentient squid who discovers an ancient manuscript of lost rubber-based fighting techniques by a creature named Bravo.

    Unarmed fighting between humans isn't like technology; it's one of the few things we actually do well, and have been doing consistently since we were flinging **** at each other from the trees. You, as a Science Fiction author, might be able to predict a new way for people to get across the universe, or develop mind powers, or shoot brain-eating nanobots out of their eyes.

    But you're not going to create a new way for people to punch, any more than you're going to come up with a new way for them to ****, or *****. We may not be good at much else as a species, but we've got this stuff down.

    *Three seashells.

    In regards to that first picture, it isn't THAT bad of a reinvention or rehash. Her hand and elbow are at least blocking her chin and neck area, and the other person can' punch that area where her elbow is.
    So it's not great. But it could be a lot worse. The elbow being extended like that kind of reminds me of a the typical, straight forward sword or polearm stance. Like the kendo one. But, with a weapon, you can snap an attack. That elbow is useless where it is. If she replaced it with a fist ready to pop a backfist, it might be approaching semi useful.

    I disagree with the sentiment that they wouldn't have developed a strange fighting style. Like someone else said, there are plenty of people today, both ancient and new, that have had some ridiculous ideas. What I've seen of Silambam, for example.

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