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    School me

    Hi all,

    First post, been lurking for a while.

    I now live in a pretty shitty area and there are a lot of dick heads about. I catch public transport (train) twice everyday, to and from work. I also walk to and from the train station through the aforementioned shitty area.

    I need some advice on what to learn that will give me some skills in a relatively short amount of time. I tend to attract altercations with idiots, so my number will come up sooner or later (more likely sooner).

    Keep in mind that these idiots are rarely alone (dickheads love company) and that any problems will likely occur either on a train, train platform or on local streets / foot paths (sidewalk).

    Due to the above, I would obviously rather avoid the ground unless that particular art would see the best gains in the least time.



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    Well, since you guys down under have pretty tough gun control laws, what can you do in terms of weapons? Multiple opponent situations are bad news for anybody, regardless of conditioning or experience. You can be a frickin' beast, but if somebody gets behind you and sticks a knife in your kidney, your black belts and biceps really won't mean much. Look around your area and go with something that spars, because there is no substitute for live training if you think you're gonna end up in an extended stand-up fight, and it's the quickest way to get some good fight conditioning. If you can find a good MMA school nearby, that could be good. You (wisely) don't want to end up on the ground, but if it happens (quite possible in any fight, including against multiple opponents) you're going to need to at least know some basic stuff so you're not totally at a more experienced person's mercy.

    Seriously though, some sort of weapon could really help. Maybe a tazer, mace, or even a cane. There's some great cane techniques out there. I'm a big fan of the old lift into the groin technique.


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