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    Pro MMA fighter dies from injuries

    http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1982058-pro-mma-fighter-booto-guylain-dies-after-bout-in-south-africa?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_ campaign=editorial&hpt=hp_t2

    Booto Guylain, a professional MMA fighter, died Wednesday after suffering a severe head injury in a Feb. 27 bout in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was 29.
    Guylain, a middleweight with an 0-2 record in pro MMA, lost by TKO to Keron Davies at EFC Africa 27, which was hosted by the Extreme Fighting Championship Africa promotion.
    The announcement came in a statement from EFC Africa's website (h/t Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting).
    "We are devastated," said EFC Africa president Cairo Howarth in the statement. "This is a huge loss to the sport and to all who know him. Our thoughts are with his family in this trying time."
    Guylain, a native of South Africa, lost both of his professional bouts by TKO. The loss to Davies came in the third round.
    He is the second professional MMA fighter to die in approximately the past six months. In late September, Brazilian fighter Leandro Souza died before a fight for the Shooto Brazil promotion, although his death came not as a result of injuries suffered in the cage but due to organ stress during his pre-fight weight cut.
    According to the EFC Africa statement, Guylain sustained a head injury from Davies' elbows at the end of the third round and was immediately taken for emergency treatment.
    "Immediately after the bout he was stabilized by the on-site medical team and transported to hospital where he was treated for swelling and bleeding on the brain," the statement read.
    Guylain is the fourth fighter to die as a direct result of injuries suffered in pro MMA competition.
    No fighter from the UFC or any other major MMA promotion has ever died as a direct result of injuries during sanctioned competition.
    In 2012, Tyrone Mims died three months after a professional fight, although the specific cause of death was never conclusively determined.
    In 2010, Michael Kirkham suffered a cerebral hemorrhage in his pro debut and died two days later at age 30.
    In 2007, Sam Vasquez died as a result of brain trauma suffered during an MMA fight. He died more than a month after taking a hard right to the chin

    I got BULLSHIDO ON TV!!!

    "Bruce Lee sucks because I slammed my nuts with nunchucks trying to do that stupid **** back in the day. I still managed to have two kids. I forgive you Bruce.
    " - by Vorpal

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    Now watch every ***** ass liberal reporter with an axe to grind will use this as the MMA is bad argument.

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    And yet it's official, it's more dangerous to wear pyjamas than compete in MMA.

    2010 accidental deaths in the US:

    Dum spiro, spero.
    Tada gan iarracht.


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