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    Metamoris III Results

    Match #1 - Maxwell vs Roberts:

    Overall a very even match. Roberts looks to be the aggressor early on almost locking up several omoplata attempts. However, Maxwell ended the match dominating from the mount with X choke and an armbar attempt. Lots of double guard play, hunting for foot locks and a double toe hold attempt at one point. Ends in a Draw.

    Match #2 - Mendes vs Chantre:

    Chantre never had a chance. Mends pulls DLR, sweeps, passes and after a few Gi Brabo and Baseball Bat Choke attempts, Mends finishes the Baseball Bat Choke. Fastest Submission of the night.

    Match #3 - Lister vs Sobral:

    A very back and forth match. The mat starts with Lister arm dragging to top position and the Leg Lock looks to be just a matter of time. Lister throws the Leg Reap Heel Hook, and Sobral gets out. There is a lot of Lister letting Sobral pass in order to secure double under hooks and come up on the single leg that is working with mixed results. Sobral gets a very tight Brabo choke, but Lister is unchokable and gives a thumbs up. Ends in a Draw.

    Match #4 - Cornelius vs Casey :

    Malgalhaes is in the hospital with MRSA :( Kevin Casey Rickson Gracie Black Belt and TUF alum competes on 30 mins notice. Casey sends Cornelius to the mat several times with some well placed foot sweeps but cannot pass Cornelius’ guard (who really can?) . Cornelius turns up the pace in the last 10 minutes with Casey’s gassed and gets several takedowns, forces 50/50 from the top and Inverted Heel Hook finish by Cornelius.

    Match #5 - Mendes vs Gracie:

    While a very technical match, this was very much Mendes switching between Berimbolo and Leg Drag attempts and almost ending up on Gracie's back several times. Gracie tries several IBJJF style straight ankle locks, but really spends the entire time defending the Berimbolo. Ends in a Draw.

    Match #6 - Bravo vs Gracie :

    Hands down best match of the night. Bravo really brought it. Its started off slow with Gracie looking for to Knee cut through Bravo’s Quarter Guard. Gracie never completes a pass in the 20 minutes. Once Bravo’s moves from Quarter Guard to Lockdown is all Bravo. Several Electric Chair submission attempts that all end in sweeps, a guard pass by Bravo and leads to a near neck crank / back take. Gracie had no answer to the 10th planet style. Eventually Bravo Electric Chair sweeps to a modified Leg Drag position with the bottom leg secured in lockdown. The ref resets them to the middle and Gracie refused to let Bravo have the same position. The Ref has to call time and “check the video” to force the same position. Gracie is not happy about it. Bravo rolls for a calf slicer and its very tight but Gracie will not tap. Time runs out with Gracie in a full submission locked in. Ends in a Draw.
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