So apart from being too old, too out of shape and signing up with only a month to train specifically for this fight I stepped into the ring (platform) on 8th Feb against 2 time gold Sanshou medal winner Micheal Effiong. 3 1.5 minute rounds - no shin pads.

Micheal was competing after a 2(?) year haitus and this was my 2nd competition fight and my first full contact event.

Micheal won the three rounds but I'm coming away from this with a postive experience - the crowd were really behind us both so we must of given them a decent show and we both recieved some great feedback from the crowd. An awesome night.

I think at 37 I was the oldest competitor there. I don't know how much that fact affected me mentally goinf into this fight.

Things to learn;
The stress pre-fight was almost unbearable. Did not know what to do with myself but tried to chill out, not think too much about it.

Cardio, cardio, cardio! I was exhausted after the 1st round. Dead on my feet going into the 3rd and final round - I didn't have enough energy to extend my arms. This was my biggest issue.

Don't practice sparring without leg protection when it's close to fight night. The Thursday prior to the fight I had taken a kick to the lower leg just above my ankle. I couldn't throw my biggest weapon going into the fight which made me even more hestiant than I am normally (which is ALOT).

Will I sign up for another one? Not sure at the moment. Still limping around after the punishment to my legs. If I did another one would the stress be easier to deal with now I've been there once before? I'll get some more gym time in and probably throw my name in the hat for next time anyway!!

For your amusement and piss taking - I'm the fatty in red.