I was browsing this site here http://www.tacfire.com/classes/martial-arts/

and noticed they had Martial arts classes always a lark when a tactical place offers up hand to hand stuff so I took a look. Saw Iaido yea that is useful in everyday life and....


Now not ever hearing about it I was curious.....
form of attack.

Seeing these links down at the bottom I actually even got a little bit hopeful
I see these links listed at the bottom
[Arm Movements] [Footwork] [Ate Waza] [Kansetsu Waza] [Shime Waza] [Nage Waza] [Bunka]

Those are good things to see in a martial art after all. Makes for a complete system and
all that jazz. I was sort of hopeful this was going to be a judo spinoff sort of something akin to

Yeah not so much....

I love how all these tactical places have **** H2H stuffs