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    Things to do when your opponent drops out before a fight.

    You've been training hard! running, dieting, 2-3x a day of training. Posted fight poster on facebook and instagram.

    Drive 7 hours to fight.... then your opponent drops out. I had fun with the team and met cool people. After my opponent dropped out I went ahead and grabbed a nice stack of pancakes with eggs, then proceeded to my hotel room.

    It was actually a night of excitement. but I'm sure people can relate to the feeling of having all the "fight" energy pent up, only for it to be steamed off like a boiling pot of tea. I even made a phone call to my opponent on fight night.

    .... What are things you do after your opponent drops out? funny things that have happened? amazing excuses you or your opponent has made for dropping out of a fight?

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    This happened to a friend of mine on his third ammy boxing match. He got the call that his opponent had dropped 15 minutes before he was due to fight (he was due on at 21:00) but the promoters promised that if he hung around, they could get him another fight.

    At 01:00 the event was over and they had kept him and his corner waiting all night for a fight that never happened. Imagine the adrenaline rush every time there was a knock on the door, only to be told you'd have to wait a bit longer.

    He was extremely pissed off and I felt really sorry for him.
    Train hard, fight easy.

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    Get banned from bullshido again, or have they stopped doing that?


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