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    You guys live in Austin, it's totally your call. I'm trying to confirm that I won't have any conflicts with my Army crap. Also, Georgette is going to be out of town that weekend, so if there's any interest in moving it up to this coming weekend, that'd be fine too.

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    Is this still on or no? Got a thousand things to do this weekend so if this isn't coming together, need to know soon.

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    Okay guys, gotta pull out of this. Leaving Texas next week and have a million things to do.

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    I haven't heard anything more from anyone

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    So, I take it this did not happen? I just started a group on Facebook for planning such events in the future.

    Also, Relson Gracie Waco hosts a "nondenominational open mat" every Sunday from 12-2, so if anyone feels like driving to Waco, we could all meet up there. Since Waco is about halfway between Dallas and Austin, it would be a good place for the ATX and DFW folk. However, it would be a bit of a long drive for the Houston and San Antonio bullies.
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