Tim Sylvia is ready to defend his title one more time. The question that boggles the mind is why? A brief history of the UFC heavyweight title leaves most of us asking why hasnít Tim Sylvia been stripped of his title?
In March 2002, Josh Barnett stunned and upset UFC fans by beating, then Heavyweight Champ, Randy Couture. Later it was found that Barnett was using steroids which are illegal to use in most modern sporting events. Barnett was stripped of the title and suspended for a year.
Jump to a year and a half in the future and now Tim Sylvia is caught using steroids. His case? He was simply using them to look better on television. The puke bucket is on your left. Let us say we believe him this time. Let us jump forward to his fight a few months ago against Andrei Arlovski. Tim Sylvia failed his test a second time. The difference between Barnett and Sylvia? Sylvia was the champ. Bottom line is, though, he used steroids or rather was caught using them.
Is he stripped of the title? No. He is simply given time to flush them from his system so he can make the UFC some money by fighting Frank Mir.
From MMA Weekly
For those people worried about Tim Sylvia fighting Frank Mir at UFC 48, in light of what happened with tests at UFC 47, won't have to worry about it this time around.
Tim Sylvia has provided the Nevada State Athletic Commission with a clean drug test and is no longer suspended.
Sylvia's camp had been claiming since early April that he passed a steroid test, but until recently the NSAC hadn't received those test results.
Now a spokesperson for the NSAC told MMAWeekly, "Tim Sylvia has indeed turned in an acceptable anabolic steroid test and has been taken off the federal suspension list."
With this finally behind him, Sylvia will now focus his attention to June 19th, as he is scheduled to face Frank Mir for the vacant UFC Heavyweight Title at UFC 48 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Most promoters are trying to let the public know that the sport of MMA is just as viable as boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling yet it looks like theyíre going down the same path. I like Tim Sylvia both as a fighter and as a person but he should be stripped of his title. Itís called justice. Justice is blind. You break the rules you pay the penalty. UFC is showing some sort of biased towards Sylvia for some reason, shame on them. If this sport is to continue into the future something needs to be done about this.