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    Double Guard Pull

    Double Guard Pull

    What is it?

    At 0:37:

    Before last year honestly I never gave it any thought. Coming from a Judo & Nihon Jujutsu background, the guard was a position you ended up when you failed a sacrifice throw. Pulling guard for me, was going for a Tomoe Nage or Sumi Geashi and failing.

    Then I started BJJ full-time and realized I didnít have to fight for the takedown every time. If I wanted the fight on the ground, I pull guard and look for the sweep. However, there was still a problem. What if they pulled guard first? Passing is very difficult against a good guard player and my guard passing skills are not the strongest aspect of my game.

    I focus heavily on my Leg Locks and have had a lot of success with them. Eventually my guard passing got stronger as people tended to hide from my leg locks. Then it hit me, just because my opponent pulls guard doesnít mean I canít pull guard as well. How is that position different than if I just sweep a standing opponent from an open guard position. We are both seated, controlling legs looking for position to come up in an advantageous position or submission.

    It's an interesting dynamic controlling the ankles/knees/pants to prevent your opponent from coming up on top while transition between 1LX, X hook and 50/50 position looking for that Leg Drag or Leg Lock. I am not a heavy DLR player and I donít Berimbolo. But from that position Berimbolo players are definitely the strongest competition. I been trying to counter with the X hook but often I am too late and instead force 50/50 guard. Any other of the Bullshido grapplers playing with this position or I am just going to get a lot of ďGet off your ass and Pass the Guard!Ē
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    Now I don't know what all those fancy acronyms mean (well I do, but I'm not experienced with many of those positions), but I have been pulling guard on people in guard to guard against their guard. It is my guarded estimate that this stuff is the future, the place to be when you're trying not to play into your opponent's hands. Ever heard samboists call one of these positions the saddle? I'll bet they'll have experience with this.

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    I don't play that position at all, simply because the rules of sambo wouldn't allow such a configuration. In my very humble opinion, I think it's interesting in the sporting aspect, because many, many people are going to be deficient in that area, similar to how most BJJ guys are susceptible during standing-to-ground transitions. It's just something that isn't fully explored in their chosen style. However, it does seem superfluous otherwise, as I don't think it would be realistic or useful in a transfer to other grappling styles, or in a situation (real or sport) that would involve striking. I don't know. Just my first impression.

    The "saddle" is a knee-reap control used as a setup for leglocks. It isn't terribly useful in sambo, since there is very little time to attack on the ground, so you're not going to see anyone jockeying for position from there. You either have a submission working, or the ref is standing you up. And I think the term "saddle" is something that Scott Sonnen came up with to package his own instructionals. It certainly isn't universal. I could be wrong, though... sambosteve might know better.


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