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    Sugart Shane Mosley Calls It A Career


    This time it will stick..Shane is going to hang up the gloves.
    One of the few deserving of having the moniker ' Sugar' attached to his name and legacy.
    A Hall Of Famer to be sure.
    I didn't enjoy watching him fight the past two years, because he was a shell of his former self, but I remember watching him as one of the cleverest, hardest-working and adaptable boxers of his era.
    Enjoy your retirement Shane !
    I think we will see this guy doing some color commentary in the future.
    " If one wants to have a friend one must also want to wage war for him: and to wage war one must be capable of being an enemy." - Fr. Nietzsche 'On The Friend' Thus Spake Zarathustra

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Good. It's the right decision. In his day, he was a great talent. I still recall his dismantling of Adrian Dodson. Great boxer, enjoy Retirement Shane.

    Crikey I just realised you said the same OZZ. Well, you're right. Thanks for the post.


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