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    Oh my FKn diety.

    You guys are awesome for mentioning 5/3/1.
    5/3/1 is freakin' awesome.

    I've been following this template for a couple of weeks :

    I'm using the twice a week template and I run on Sundays.
    With the 85%, 90%, 95%+ for the 5/3/1 intensity respectively. I also do the assistance exercise at 5x10 at around 50-65%.

    I also hit the treadmill for a few minutes if I can.

    As for Strength, I'm already able to add numbers (20ish Lbs) to my previous stats (probably because of the low volume but at least I'm moving).

    I freakin' love the program because:

    -I can still accomplish something even if I'm not on top condition, I just take the assistance exercises easy.

    -The volume is also low enough for me to actually be able to focus on endurance training.

    -If I'm too busy and skipped a session, I can do two main lifts in a session.

    -I can try other exercises and call them assistance exercise. I've heard mixing it up is good.

    -And I don't have to rest for 2-3 min. / set.

    I know these reasons make me sound like a half-asser but I work damn hard, sometimes my body just can't handle adding 5 Lbs every session and doing HIIT afterwards (Which wasn't part of SS).

    I've followed a half-assed SS program and found that my endurance became ****, I actually stalled a few times and was only able to move forward because I heard this "decrease reps and add more weight each set" thing. I didn't know it was 5/3/1 back then.


    Hey, I found this. At least it calculates stuff for you :
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    Please, stop reading about programs on the internet. You really need to read some literature. It will explain to you the hows and whys of what you are doing. You are having trouble getting to your goals because you don't understand periodization.

    You should really download the Wendler 5/3/1 e-book and read it cover to cover. you should continue to workout but you really need to read about what you are doing.

    You might want to also read Practical Programming. It really helped me understand how the body responds to training and what I need to do to get the most out of it.

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    531 is great, depending on what results you are trying to achieve. It is usually a great supplement to sporting activities, and almost always phenomenal for a beginning lifter. So yes, that probably applies to the OP.

    It is good for advanced lifters, too, but only to a degree. Personally, and anecdotally, I respond best to conjugated periodization, as far as exponential strength gain goes. When I combine it with sambo training, however, I get hard CNS shutdown after a couple of weeks.

    With 531, my progress is slower than most, because of my overwhelming predominance of type-II muscle fibers, so I have a hard time completing repetition maxes in a constructive way. This is especially true with deadlifts. Thus, I currently follow 531 for overhead presses and squats, but do 80%+ heavy singles on bench and deadlift.

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