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    PART 2 - 26 Positional Escapes In 11 Min - Rev Scarf Hold, North/South, KOB

    Ok, time for part 2 of the positional escapes reference video series, or what I like to call my "Short But Sweet Series".

    In this video you will see positional escape demos of:

    - Reverse Scarf Hold Escapes
    - North South Escapes
    - Knee on Belly Escapes

    Stick around because there is still 2 more parts of this ?series left.* I didn't want to post everything back to back because it's a lot to take in, and there is plenty of opportunities to train all aspects as well.

    As before, each video shows a full speed demo, then slow motion? variation, along with quick voice over narration.

    I hope these videos are helpful, I work really hard to make them and look forward to hearing your feedback.

    Thank you again!

    Jason Scully

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