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    Quote Originally Posted by OwlMatt View Post
    Not less odious, just more reparable. We can't go back and undo the racism of the past, but we can confront the racism of the present.
    How convenient.

    Of course, some might say that the PRESENT result of past actions can also be addressed--such as donating one's quarter-acre of once-stolen land to the nearest First Nation to use as they see fit.

    That, however, wouldn't be as convenient as just pretending that past injustices cannot be addressed--all the while typing convenient denunciations of the racism of others...

    ...and being a white-liberal walking apology all about convenience, isn't it, Owlet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by erezb View Post
    You guys are awesome, thanks.. i mean those payments you gave every month to my grandparents, they really compensated for all the lives and property left behind to be devoured be the oh so moral neighbors. Now i live in Israel, with slightly better neighbors.. and the situation here is just fucking peachy. Yea, you made a real effort much better than japan, true that one can claim that the fucking Atom bombs along with the carpet bombing and mass fires is punishment enough..but ah.. **** it, the ones that suffered the most from Japan are doing just fine.
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